A bit of history

Originally the game was centred around ex-patriot Americans and Brits who loved the game, and a lively competition and social mixing with the American military families at Upper Heyford was set up at that point mainly fast-pitch softball.

The current league is based on a vibrant publishers league set up in the late 1980’s, which at one point consisted of about 12 teams, teams from Blackwells (Beavers 1 & 2),Pergammon (Panthers & Hammerheads), Elesvier (Skid Marx & Smellysox), Heinemann (Groovy Love Thangs) and Oxford University Press (OUP) took part, it also appears that the Regional Health Authority (Redsox), Wolfson College, John Radcliffe Hospital and Unipart also fielded teams (source Devil’s history page). However, with a few exceptions these teams have almost disappeared.

Other teams have come and gone since then including, AIT Aligators, Queenshead Hobgoblins (Eynsham), Devils, Harriers, Globetrotters, Greensox, RManiacs and ETSU to name but a few.