Tigers @ Rebels



Game highlights

Tuesday night had another really good game with great hitting led by the Rebels who got off to a hot start with James Clark hitting a grand slam in the first inning to take the team’s lead to nine.  Defensively, the Rebels kept the Tigers scoreless for the first three innings, but the Tigers fought back in the later innings with a home run and some good base running. The Tigers crept closer to the Rebels with back-to-back triples in the 6th. There were a couple of great catches deep in left field by Cliff Sofield and left centre field by Charlie Bath for the Tigers and great infield play from both teams, each picking up a double play. A couple of brilliant catches from Tom Horsfield at second base for the Rebels and some quick outs to Fiona Mounsdon on first base shut the Tigers down. The Tiger’s defense was anchored by solid play at third base by Adora Jones and second baseman Kathleen McCallen. The Rebels shortstop, James Clark, took care of a number of plays including a “will-he-won’t-he” fly ball that kept the team guessing. Special shoutouts to James Mighell from the Mavericks who stepped in to help the Rebels out with pitching and Josh May from the Rebels whose words of encouragement kept people’s spirits up as the game went on into the evening. Final thanks go to Lesley Roberts for a stellar job umpiring, despite being blinded by the setting sun!

Most valuable players

Tigers: Adora Jones and Cliff Sofield
Rebels: Fiona Mounsdon and Tom Horsfield


Date Time League Season
8 June 2021 7:00 pm Oxford Softball League 2021 Pre-comp


Diamond 3


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