Mavericks @ Rebels



game highlights

Mavericks got off to a hot start with the bat and were up 7-3 after the 3rd. Rebels woke up in the field and followed that up with two shutouts and a couple of runs in the 5th to get back to 7-5. Rebels turned the game on its head with an 8-run mercy in the 6th to go into the top of 7th 4 runs ahead. Some clutch pitching in the 6th and 7th from Steve Roberts on a long awaited debut helped Rebels close the game out with a quick stop courtesy of two great outs from Tom H debuting at shortstop in the 7th due to injury.

Couple of great catches in the outfield from Rebels early on and Bertie caught everything in sight at left field for Mavericks, two of which were big hits from Rachael that stopped some much needed Rebels runs early on. Lucy was a safe hand on 2B for Mavericks and got a number of key outs. Mavericks loaded the bases and ran bases brilliantly throughout forcing a number of fielding errors from Rebels. Lesley and Steve rolled back the years to the Devils days and showed the Rebels rookies how bases should be run with some brilliant team running. James hit 1000 and 4R(1HR) topped off in the 6th with a fantastic slip on the corner of 1B that turned a comfortable triple into a risky single. Chris hit a 2 RBI triple in the 6th with an elegant slip into 3B and somehow stayed safe to secure the 8-run mercy.

Most valuable players

Mavericks: Lucy Raggett and Bertie Kindersley
Rebels: Laura Smith and Tom Horsfield


Date Time League Season
1 July 2021 7:00 pm Oxford Softball League 2021 Competitive phase


Diamond 1


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