Mavericks @ Angels



game highlights

The Angels and Mavericks know each other very well, potentially too well in some cases, so Tuesday’s game was always going to be interesting. Both teams came out of the box swinging, and after 1 inning the score was tied at 6. The Angels continued to tack on, scoring a few runs in each of the following innings. However the Mavericks could not keep up the scoring pace with the blinding low sun, and the game finished after 6 1/2. Highlights were Bertie shouting “I got it!” and the ball landed 5-10 metres away…. Monique being her usual self and annoyingly stopping everything at 3rd. She clearly has been training with James as he also made plenty of outs to first from the pitching rubber. Lucy also had a hit over the head of her Brookes Softball coach to start a 2 out rally. Both teams made their fair share of catches in the outfield, an exceptional catch was from Amy who charged in and made a basket catch. Selina also caught a tricky popup over the catcher’s head. 3 new female Angels also had doubles on merit showing their improvement. Everything added to a very enjoyable game (helped by Winston not barking continuously for once) and miraculously the Angels game was not the last one to be completed!

Most Valuable Players

Angels: Amy Beveridge & Tom Merritt
Mavericks: Monique Geyer-Johnson & James Mighell


Date Time League Season
13 July 2021 7:00 pm Oxford Softball League 2021 Competitive phase


Diamond 3


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