Tigers @ Beavers



Most Valuable players

Tigers: Ash and Charlie
Beavers: Lesley and Tom

Game highlights

Tigers struggled to get going in the early evening heat, but Beavers had no such issues, moving runners round bases and mixing in a few home runs, scoring 4 in each of the first 3 innings, then getting a 7-run mercy for a 19-5 lead. But Tigers were finding their feet, and took the 5th 4-0, only for Beavers to do the same in the 6th. Tigers started the 7th well, and got a 3 RBI home run (from borrowed pitcher Norm), but a couple of quick outs, (largely thanks to Beavers’ borrowed pitcher Katie), stopped them at 4 to end the game. The rest of the Beavers’ defence played their parts too, with the catcher, centre fielders and shortstop taking good catches, and Lesley was involved in plenty of outs at 1B. Tigers had their share of catches in the outfield and infield, with Charlie at 3B taking a great catch, assisting Ellie with a tag, and a perfect throw to Julie for an out at 2B, all in short succession towards the end.


Date Time League Season
20 July 2021 7:00 pm Oxford Softball League 2021 Competitive phase


Diamond 1


Team1234567 RHE