Exec committee remit

Remit (July 2022)

  • Executive Committee should meet several times in the off season to prepare for the
    forthcoming season, and during the season as required (often not required)
  • Decision-making role by consensus pre- and during the season
  • Compile and agree the Captain’s Pack prior to season start
  • Control the budget and expenditure
  • The Exec should have ultimate responsibility for safeguarding issues (although the safeguarding officer can be co-opted, and be any player or responsible person with the appropriate skills and experience)
  • Organise the submissions from team captains to the roster before week 3 of the season
  • Supply team details to the BSF (if requested)
  • Appoint a point of contact for the OSA/league (if not the Chair)
  • Liaise with the ‘grassroots’ (players) and bring concerns and ideas to the attention of all
  • Organising the purchase of trophies for end of season awards
  • Representing the OSA in BSF forums such as the League Heads Forum and BSF AGM
  • A member of the Executive should be represented on all or most working groups

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